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nt of the world's sneakers, 20 percent of its smart phone▓s, and 30 percent of all toys are made in this Pearl River

Delta city.Toy producers at a manuf▓acturing trade fair say their workloads remain the same despite uncertainties caused by the ongoing US-China trade tensions. The sentiment is similar in the luggage sector.W


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u Jingsong, General Manager of Guangzhou Monsca Luggage and Bag Development, took the recent trade disput▓es between the US and China for instance. He said the hit was not that big so far but nobody k▓nows what happens next.Dongguan, as a city that thrived on manufacturing, holds foreign investors from over 40 countries, bringing a world-class reputation to the tradition▓al agriculture region. Many say the city is the epitome of "made in China".From t

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oys, watches, shoes to cell phones, laptops, and mac▓hinery, all is available along with▓ the upheaval of the country's export sectors. Now they ha

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ve turned to domestic markets, creating t▓heir own brands and sales networks.Wang Jinxiang, General Manager of Dongguan Chua

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ngyuan Shoes, said the shift of the business model began early in 2008."I started t▓o produce the orders for foreig

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n trade in 1999▓. The situation was pretty good then. Since 200▓8 when the global financial crisis hit, my orde▓rs decreased by half. I said to myself that I need to transition to domestic sales, and register my own brand," said Wang.That exactly accords with the goals of the 10th manufacturing trade f▓air in Dongguan. Organizers of the fair said that they began▓ with a hope to help producers explore domestic m▓arkets as global demand declined.“We aim to▓ build the trade fair as an integrated platform for both domestic and international markets. We want our producers to use resources from both markets. In the future, we ▓will keep our efforts to innovate and upgrade the trade fair,” said Wu Jun, Secretary General of ▓China Processing Trade Products Fair.Chinese leaders renewed the country's pledge to open up the market wider a▓nd deeper while local governments are looking for fresh measures to connect the home and the wor▓ld.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow

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air helps factories explore global marketsDonggu▓

an analysis relea▓sed by Forbes in April, Huawei is believed to permanently ▓shut down its U.S. operations selling ▓telecommunication equipment, despite the fact that it still has plans to launch its latest Me▓diaPad Android tablet and Matebook X Pro Windows

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